Dr. Sheng-Wen Hsieh
  Dean of Academic Affairs
Journal / Conference Papers
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1. Ho. S. C.*, Hsieh, S. W., Sun, P. C. & Chen, C. M. (2017).To activate English learning: Listen and speak in real life context with an AR featured u-learning system, Educational Technology & Society, 20(2), 176-187. (SSCI)
2. Hsieh, S. W.*, Ho. S. C., Wu, M. P. & Ni, C. Y. (2016). The effects of concept map-oriented gesture-based teaching system on learners’ learning performance and cognitive load in earth science course, Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, 13(3), 621-635. (SSCI) --
3. T. S. WANG & S. W. HSIEH (2015) An Assessment of Individual and echnological Factors for Computing Validation: Motivation and Social Processes, Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala, Accepted. (SSCI) --
4. Hsieh, S. W.*, Wang, T. S. & Hsieh, M. C. (2014) A gesture-based learning system with a concept map-oriented approach in a basic engineering circuit course, International Journal of Engineering Education, 30(2), 312-318. (SCI) --
5. Hsieh, S. W.* & Wu, M. P. (2013) Exploring learning performance toward cognitive approaches of virtual companion system in line app for m-learning, Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 9(4), 337-346. (SSCI) --
6. Hsieh, S. W.*, Lee, C. C., & Hsieh, M. C. (2012). Effects of individual difference variables on a virtual companion system as an adjunct to an economics course, Actual Problems of Economics, 127(1), 463-472. (SSCI) --
7. Hsieh, S. W., Jang, Y. R., Hwang, G. J., Chen, N. S.* (2011). Effects of teaching and learning styles on students’ reflection levels for ubiquitous learning, Computers & Education, 57(1), 1194-1201. (SCI, SSCI) --
8. Hsieh, S. W.* (2011). Effects of cognitive styles on an MSN virtual learning companion system as an adjunct to classroom instructions. Educational Technology & Society, 14(2), 161-174. (SSCI)
9. Chang, Y. F., Hsieh, S. W.*, Lee, C.C. & Hsieh, M. C. (2011) An empirical study on augmented reality system development and satisfaction for supporting hair style, Pakistan Journal of Statistics, 27(5), 581-590. (SCI) --
10. Chen, N. S.*, Hsieh, S. W., & Kinshuk. (2008). Effects of short-term memory and content representation type on mobile language learning. Language Learning & Technology, 12(3), 93-113. (SSCI) --
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